• Thank you for your interest inTalentchord. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to evaluate your aspirations, values and capabilities.
  • For exciting, challenging and rewarding career opportunities; and a fun, friendly and motivating work environment, please contact us. We are always looking for highly energetic, committed, intelligent, innovative and hard-working women and men that are eager to learn and motivated to excel. For the right candidates whose values resonates with ours, and who are not looking just for a job, but are looking for an opportunity to make a big difference, we will make room at Talentchord even if there isn’t an open position that is right for you when you apply.
  • Prior to contacting us, please carefully go through the information we have provided on Talentchord’sculture and values as enunciated in the following pages:
  • Message from our CEO
  • Vision and Mission
  • Trust 360
  • IonExcellence
  • IonEntrepreneurs
  • IonLeaders
  • Vision of Customer Care
  • Customers’ Bill of Rights
  • Vision of Employee Care
  • Employees’ Bill of Rights
  • Employees’ Charter of Responsibilities
  • What can you become at Talentchord
  • If after reviewing all of them, you truly believe that Talentchord is the place you want to be for the foreseeable future, and you also strongly believe that you will be able to live up to the very high standards of trust, excellence, innovation, commitment, integrity and performance that is expected of each and every colleague at Talentchord, then we welcome you to contact us for suitable career opportunities.
  • For quick response please apply directly to Current Job Opportunities posted.
  • To keep your resume on Talentchord’s file for future reference, please apply to File it for Future Job Opportunities.
  • Best wishes to you in your Job Search. Have a great day.


Talent Acquisition and Management Team at Talentchord.

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