What We Offer..

Our Recruitment Process Optimisation (RPO) solutions provide end-to-end support with permanent recruitment, onboarding and retention. These solutions help clients recruit permanent talent quickly and cost-effectively by reducing vacant posts, decreasing time-to-hire and replacing high-cost agency candidates with substantive staff. We are able to provide on-site teams to support with every step of the recruitment process from identifying vacancies, right through to promoting retention.

Our clients trust our specialists to understand their business and hiring needs and find them the most talented individuals to join their teams. They do this by using unique talent and market insights, including competitor analysis to help clients secure the best staff for their business.

Our suite of outsourcing services are designed to meet the fast changing needs of new-age businesses and range from one-off marketing projects to end-to-end management of sales and marketing programs.

We are competitively agile and highly adaptive to meet our consumer demands. Our professional team is innovative, goal-centric, and steadfast to carve a niche in the connecting talent.

Who We Are..

Leading organisations trust Talentchord to manage the talent acquisition of their permanent workforce at scale via our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions

Talentchord is passionate about delivering adaptable, world class, talent solutions. We have been pioneers in providing best in class solutions to businesses across the clients. We continue to provide the industry with innovative, scalable and customized solutions that help clients find, recruit, hire and retain top talent.

Talentchord offers recruiting, prospecting, IT solutions from small, medium & large firms serving our clients. Discover advanced, innovative talent strategies and processes that allow you to remain focused on your core business.

Why Choose Us..

Our vision is to provide crucial knowledge to our customers when it matters the most. To transform companies and change lives as the world’s leading talent partner of choice.

To help people discover meaningful careers and businesses grow by finding, delivering, and engaging outstanding talent around the world.

Since our inception in 2022, We have been engaging our stakeholders, customers and employees with at most integrity and efficiency. The values that drive us towards achieving our vision are:

Integrity: Keeping up to our promise of delivering the best, doing what we say and doing what is right. We function by adhering to the law, transparency, and ethics.

Innovation: We believe in sharing ideas and immerse ourselves in continuous learning. We help you face challenges and create a business impact through new ideas and unique problem solving strategies.

Diversity: The real value of diversity is the positive impact it has on shaping a dynamic and highly collaborative environment.

Efficiency: Translates into relentlessly improving quality, maintaining delivery times, and reducing costs.

Excellence: Setting new benchmarks, continuous improvement processes and refining systems, thus delivering the best consistently, and exceeding client expectations.

Profitability: We deliver higher incremental value, helping you exceed revenue goals.